Technical Papers

Note: Submission period has ended.

The Public Works Association of British Columbia invites submissions for presentations for the 2018 Joint Annual Conference. The conference showcases new and innovative trends, projects and technologies, and provides a professional environment to discuss future directions, share information, encourage diverse approaches and highlight lessons learned.

The theme of this year’s conference is The Power of Public Works.

Submissions are invited for the following three (3) streams:

1. Public Works

  • Roads & streets
  • Snow & ice control
  • Fleet management
  • Solid waste management
  • Parks & cemetery
  • Active transportation
  • Human Resources & IT
  • Greenhouse gas & energy reduction
  • Respectful workplace
  • Solid waste management
  • Environmental monitoring & mitigation
  • Asset management
  • Emerging technology

2. Utilities

  • Water supply & distribution
  • Wastewater collection & treatment
  • Storm water management & treatment
  • Regulation, environmental compliance & monitoring

3. Leadership/Management

  • Managing liability
  • Respectful workplace
  • Succession planning
  • Attracting new PW’s Staff
  • Planning for and responding to extreme weather events and natural disasters (climate change)


February 22, 2018Invitation open for submissions. Please apply using the 2018 PWABC Call For Presentations Form.
March 23, 2018Deadline for submission of application including; title & description, presenter’s names, title, organization, headshot and short bio.
April 16, 2018Response to submissions and timeslot assignment. Template for presentation will be provided i.e. title and closing slides with conference branding.
May 31, 2018Conference presentation schedule to be posted on website.
June 29, 2018Presentation draft to be submitted electronically.
July – August 2018The Technical Program Chair will collaborate with presenters for optimization, alignment with conference theme and active engagement of conference delegates.
August 15, 2018Final schedule approved and print-ready.

Presentations are invited from members and non-members. Presentations from consultants and vendors are encouraged where there is a partnership with a municipality to highlight: What was the reason for the project or service? Specifically, please address:

  • What was the problem or desired benefit?
  • How was it resolved?
  • What are the lessons learned? i.e. apply the GROW Model

Presentations should be 30 or 45 minutes in length. Presenters are asked to identify what techniques they will utilize to actively engage the delegates and promote discussion, questions and sharing of information. Videos, panels, polls, bear pit sessions and other workshop and facilitation techniques are strongly encouraged.

Submit presentation abstracts by email to:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ashifa Dhanani, Executive Director
Public Works Association of BC
Phone: 604-880-8585