April is Safe Digging Month

Upcoming sessions for April is Safe Digging Month are:

  • March 31st –> Asset Management – How this will help you with long term planning
  • April 1st –> Ground Disturbance and Safe Excavation
  • April 14th –> Incident Investigations – Latest trends and methodologies
  • April 21st –> Indigenous Consultation – Learn more about the Canada Energy Regulator’s Indigenous Advisory Monitoring Committee (IAMC)
  • April 28th –> Locating Process – How to become more efficient

In addition to providing continuing professional education, the Digging Deeper Digital Education and Networking Series aims to reconnect peers, utilities, sponsors and suppliers to support the growth and development of the Damage Prevention industry now, and in the future.

Registration open HERE.

Join us as we #DigDeeper into Damage Prevention!