2021 CPWA National Public Works Week Awards

Dear CPWA National Public Works Week Celebrants:

We are thrilled to announce the CPWA National Public Works Week Awards Contest for 2021, recognizing Canadian communities for their excellent outreach and education during National Public Works Week. After the disappointment of having to cancel last year, we are excited to bring the awards back!

Since its beginning in 1960, agencies, municipalities, and public works professionals have used National Public Works Week (NPWW) to energize and educate the public on the importance of public works to their daily lives. As well, NPWW is an opportunity to recognize the public works professionals who provide these crucial public services and to promote public works as a career choice. We encourage your agency and community to join in the celebration and submit for a CPWA NPWW Award.

The theme for National Public Works Week 2021, “Stronger Together,” challenges our members and their citizens to think about the role public works plays in creating a great place to live. By working together, the impact citizens and public works professionals can have on their communities is magnified and results in the ability to accomplish goals once thought unattainable.

The 2021 CPWA National Public Works Week Awards categories:

  • First Time Entry: Any community submitting for the first time.
  • Community under 25,000: Any community with a population under 25,000.
  • Community of 25,000 to 99,999: Any community with a population of 25,000 to 99,000.
  • Community of 100,000 or more: Any community with a population of 100,000 or more.
  • Most Creative Entry

The nomination and submission process will again be managed online. The criteria and nomination forms are available now. However, nominations will not open, and online submissions cannot be accepted, until May. An announcement will be sent out when nominations go live.

The criteria and nomination form for the 2021 CPWA National Public Works Week Awards can be viewed here.


Anne Jackson, ENV SP

Director of Sustainability & Canadian Government Affairs